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I had an incredible adventure with Emotions by Motion in Namibia and I can wholeheartedly recommend this company.

The communication has been fantastic from the beginning and the whole team helped me have a fantastic holiday.

Nina helped me with the numerous queries I had in relation to the booking and the programme and her organisation skills are spectacular. Even as a nervous driver, Nina helped me throughout, always being by my side, improving my driving skills and calming my nerves. She has been incredibly patient in teaching me the basics, as well as having fun together driving on the long Namibian roads.

Claudiu is a renown driver and it was really great to have the opportunity to learn from him. He was always giving me instructions via the radio or face to face. He not only taught me how to approach certain difficult driving moves (like driving a 4x4 on the rocks!), but also how to believe in myself and giving me the courage to try it. The whole experience was really well planned. The driving was fun and with a lot of unusual skills being taught (driving on dunes, rocks, gravel etc.).

The local guide, Jochen, was really incredible. Very knowledgeable and always prepared, Jochen helped plan everything locally, from making sure my dietary requirements were met, to getting cars unstuck from the sand dunes.

We also had our own photograph and pretty cool shots have been taken.

It was honestly such an amazing experience. The food, the luxury accommodation, the incredible cars, the beautiful safari and the animals we saw, as well as the add on experiences (Animal Reserve visits / Etosha national park) have all contributed to a dream holiday.

I am very grateful to the team at Emotions by Motion for giving me the holiday of a lifetime.


Maria-Cristina Petre

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